Cuppa data

Our Galvanic Skin Response glove A participant is read government data policies through our listening aid The tea is blended

Cuppa Data is an experiment in exploring data, by blending human and machine feelings using tea.

Our actions and interactions with different technologies, institutions and companies are increasingly captured in data. Nevertheless, most of the time we don’t ‘feel’ when the body is captured, nor when its actions are actively producing data. What happens if our data is given back to us as something we can taste and digest?

The tea-blending method brings together ‘how the machine thinks you feel’ and ‘how you think you feel’ using data captured with our galvanic skin response glove. This measures the conductivity of sweaty skin which is believed to give indications of people’s emotions.

Cuppa Data was first produced by Autonomous Tech Fetish for Data Buffet - part of the Museum of Contemporary Commodities in Exeter. For the final event, three unique teas were composed using data from a host of people who have lent their bodies to the making of this artwork. These include staff and visitors in Exeter Library Cafe, Sid’s Cafe in St Sidwell’s Community Centre and the ATF community in London.

We also blended new teas together with vistors, allowing them to respond to intimate, yet amplified personal readings of the newest government data policies through our customised listening-aids. The emotional responses generated allowed us to serve up a hot mix of bodily data.

Part of...

Data Buffet

A project exploring how we consume data and data consumes us.