Cliff Hammett is a critical maker, a new media meddler and a technical tinkerer. His investigations take place at the junctures between ecological, technical and social concerns. These experiments generate works and events that open up challenging issues and phenomena to a range of participants and publics. Cliff works across media and practices, employing hardware design, software development, illustration, poetry, walking events and co-making workshops.

Collaboration is key to Cliff’s work. In 2011, he and fellow researcher Alexandra Jønsson received an Award of Distinction in the Prix Ars Electronica for x_msg, an SMS-based sex work activist telephony system developed with the x:talk project. He has subsequently worked with Alexandra and a range of other practitioners, as core members of the collectives Open System Association and Autonomous Tech Fetish, and has contributed to multiple titles published by collaborative press Sidekick Books.

Cliff is currently undertaking an AHRC-funded PhD in Creative and Critical Practice at the University of Sussex. His thesis project, Nightsniffing, combines live walking events and bespoke data devices to open up the relationship between bat ecology and the systems that underlie urban change and contestation.

Current work

reimagining bat walks as investigation of the systems that shape the city

Ongoing projects

Illustration datasniffer device London Development Datasniffer Revealing opaque systems of governance on your local bat walk Diagram of tools used for bat walk mapping Bio and audio mapping bat walks Exploring our experiences of encountering bats