Cliff Hammett is:

    a new media meddler
    an errant diagrammer
    an occasional poet
    a sometime illustrator
    a creative tinkerer

I develop critical and playful investigations into a number of phenomena. These have included jokes, field ecology, card games, genetic algorithms, co-word analyses, errant temporalities and many others. From this work I produce workshops, walks, games, strange devices, diagrams and texts, as a means both to further and to share my investigations.

Collaboration is key to my work. I worked with Alexandra Joensson and the x:talk collective on the x_msg project, an SMS-based social software system for use by sex work activists. In 2011, we were given an Award of Distinction in the Digital Communities category at Prix Ars Electronica for x_msg. Following this, I've become part of Autonomous Tech Fetish, who run workshops on technology and politics in the Common House, in east London. I'm also a member of the Open Systems Association,

I'm concerned with how power inheres in complex systems, and how the indeterminacy of these systems can transform relations for better or worse. I'm interested in subverting quantitative cultures, the mutually transformative relationships struck between technologies and animals, and interconnections between forms of time and violence. I'm a practicing poet and illustrator, often producing work in collaboration with Sidekick Books and Fuselit magazine.

Ongoing Projects

Diagram of concept for datasniffer device London Development Datasniffer Revealing opaque systems of governance among hidden ecologies Diagram of tools used for bat walk mapping Bio and audio mapping bat walks Exploring our experiences of encountering bats More