collage of images from Data Buffet events

Data Buffet

From health records to supermarkets, benefit-monitoring to data driven dairies, the processes that data systems enable and require affect and impact on our bodies in countless ways. Data Buffet: All You Can Input is a selection of artworks, served as propositions that reimagine the digital in the context of everyday life. The Data Buffet consisted of three projects that used locally sourced data and materials, generated by everyday activities in Exeter cafes and eateries.

Each work is an experiment that treats data as something embodied, capable of affecting change in the world, even if we cannot always see or hear it. By reclaiming data from the most unlikely sources and creating new flows and processes with it, we can begin to sense the power of data to change our bodies and environment, creating new forms of economic, social and political value.

Data Buffet: All You Can Input was comissioned part of a set of event in Exeter over May 2016 as part of the the Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC). MoCC is a networked, digital arts project that invites us to treat the things we buy today as the heritage of tomorrow. The project has been developed with Blind Ditch, and Furtherfield and produced in Exeter in partnership with Exeter Phoenix, FabLab Devon, Exeter Library and Art Week Exeter. More info at

Data Buffet projects

a wearable cow aggregate made out of milk bottles Wearable cow aggregates
Reflecting on statistical data through bodily awkwardness. Part of the 'Data Buffet' series.
still from algorecipe making videa Algorecipe Generator
Betty Cipher's 'step-by-step' method to create culinary chaos. Part of 'Data Buffet' series.
Galvanic skin response measuring cups and glove. Cuppa data
Blending bodily data into tea. Part of the 'Data Buffet' series.