Time Scales

Timescales kitchen A temporal relation expressed through smell Ever timed the cooking of eggs by how much bread you could butter? Or counted the gurgles of a fridge to tell you when the tea was brewed? Time scales is a small set of experiments exploring time as a relationship between physical processes, to produce a set of temporal ratios for kitchen practices and procedures without reference to normative metrical time. These ratios are then manifested in the properties of foodstuffs and utensils – temporality mapped out in comparisons of weight, colour, volume, smell – creating a sensorial database of time relations. These experiments are part of an ongoing investigation into errant temporalities.

Time Scales was exhibited as part of the Everything But the Kitchen exhibition at Harts Lane Studios, London.

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Everything But the Kitchen

Bleaching. Sucking. Feeding. Clocking. Scouring. Tuning.

Time Scales scrapbook