Works from the Everything but the Kitchen exhibition at Harts Lane Studios

Everything But the Kitchen

Bleaching. Sucking. Feeding. Clocking. Scouring. Tuning.

This collective material enquiry explored how time is produced through the relations between physical processes and is restructured through cultural and political techniques. Engineered, commodified and consumed, kitchen time becomes labour time sold as leisure, but could we make it something different? Could we carry with it the wetness, warmth and sheer burning alkalinity of the substances, practices and forces we find within its walls and streaming through its windows?

Everything but the Kitchen was a collaborative framework devised by members of the Open Systems Association. It sought to tinker with unseen energies, unrecognised practices and unpaid forms of physical, emotional and material labour which fall outside normative notions of time. The resulting work was shared through an exhibition in June 2013 at Harts Lane Studios.

Everything But the Kitchen projects

Part of the Time Scales physical database Time Scales
A set of experiments that explore time as a relationship between physical processes.