collage of images relating to atf workshops

Autonomous Tech Fetish

Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF) is an open space for gathering, sharing and making. We explore how digital technology is fetishised and how we can respond – to defetishise it or refetishise into new forms, new configurations that serve our needs and desires. In this way, we can question why technology has been made a certain way? Who has it been made for, and who has been excluded? How does or can it restructure our bodies, minds, desires?

As part of the Common House, ATF is looking to work with different groups to affirm the technological autonomy of political activism, helping it overcome surveillance and control. Beyond this, we are committed to co-education, creating spaces where pitfalls and hidden potentials of technologies can be explored without assumptions, to play with the innards of the physical and abstract machines that surround us.