The new anomie game board

New board and rules for Anomie

As part of my preparations for taking part in the Abandon Normal Devices Fair at FACT, Liverpool, I’ve created a new Anomie game board. Hopefully this is a more visually satisfying version that will help people to engage with the game. I’ve changed a few of the rules from the original version - notably, Jacks and Queens now have the same functions, and the only cards that matter are the ones on top at the end of the game.

The above is a low res image - printable version are available from github here (note it needs to be printed on A2, or on two A3s which is probably cheaprer).

Or - if you find github a little tricky to negotiate here are direct links:

Of course - you don’t need the board at all in order to play. It’s just there to make things easier.

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