Selected Publications

Essays and Articles

2015 'Analytic Animals: Agency at some Interfaces within Chronophotography' in Irving, K and Manly, S (eds) Lives Beyond Us: essays and poems on the film reality of animals. London: Sidekick books.

2013 'Queering the Universal User – a personal reflection' for Bragazine. House of Brag - London Queer Social Centre.

2012 'X_MSG: unfolding histories of sex work into invisible activist machinery' in Activist Media and Biopolitics. Innsbruck: University of Innsbruck Press (with Alexandra Jönsson)

2012 'Contraptions' in Fuselit 16: Contraption.

2011 'X_MSG' [featured project] in CyberArts 2011, Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (with Alexandra Jönsson)

Illustrations, diagrams and oddities

2018 ‘Nightsniffing: Bat detection as a field ecology of urban change and contestation’, in Irving, K. and Stone, J. (eds), Battalion, Headbooks, London, Sidekick Books.

2016 'Manx Shearwater' in Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone (eds) Birdbook IV. Sidekick books: London.

2016 'Spallanzani Watches the Walker' in Flee Immediately 02: Dance and Code.

2013 Illustrator for Irving, K. and Stone, J. Riotous: Tropical Zoo Sonnets. Sidekick books: London.

2012 'Flask: quick install guide' [errant diagram] in Flee Immediately 01: Manual.

2009 'Generation after generation: a nonhuman seminar on the legacy of Wells' [sound piece] in Fuselit 14: Mars.

2008 'Foxleigh battles Death in all Its forms - parts 1 to 3' [two illustrations and computer game] in Fuselit 12: Fox.

Poems and fiction

2014 'Snake' in Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge. London: Sidekick Books.

2013 'Ahem' in Obsessed with Pipework No. 62.

2011 ‘Looms over looms’ in Birdbook: Towns, Parks Gardens and Woodlands. London: Sidekick Books.

2011 'A snare for one you envy' in Pocket Spellbook. London: Sidekick Books.

2010 'The Same River' and 'Fragment from Gaspar and the Mammon Machine' in Coin Opera. London: Sidekick Books.

2009 'The Resurrection of Dora Marsden' in Fuselit 14: Mars.

2009 'Smouldering Grafitti Sleep' in Shakespeare's Monkey Revue Vol 2 Issue 2.