Selected Publications

Essays and Articles

2015 'Analytic Animals: Agency at some Interfaces within Chronophotography' in Irving, K and Manly, S (eds) Lives Beyond Us: essays and poems on the film reality of animals. London: Sidekick books.

2013 'Queering the Universal User – a personal reflection' for Bragazine. House of Brag - London Queer Social Centre.

2012 'X_MSG: unfolding histories of sex work into invisible activist machinery' in Activist Media and Biopolitics. Innsbruck: University of Innsbruck Press (with Alexandra Jönsson)

2012 'Contraptions' in Fuselit 16: Contraption.

2011 'X_MSG' [featured project] in CyberArts 2011, Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz. (with Alexandra Jönsson)

Poems and fiction

2014 'Snake' in Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge. London: Sidekick Books.

2013 'Ahem' in Obsessed with Pipework No. 62.

2011 ‘Looms over looms’ in Birdbook: Towns, Parks Gardens and Woodlands. London: Sidekick Books.

2011 'A snare for one you envy' in Pocket Spellbook. London: Sidekick Books.

2010 'The Same River' and 'Fragment from Gaspar and the Mammon Machine' in Coin Opera. London: Sidekick Books.

2009 'The Resurrection of Dora Marsden' in Fuselit 14: Mars.

2009 'Smouldering Grafitti Sleep' in Shakespeare's Monkey Revue Vol 2 Issue 2.

Illustrations, diagrams and oddities

2016 'Manx Shearwater' in Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone (eds) Birdbook IV. Sidekick books: London.

2016 'Spallanzani Watches the Walker' in Flee Immediately 02: Dance and Code.

2013 Illustrator for Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone. Riotous: Tropical Zoo Sonnets. Sidekick books: London.

2012 'Flask: quick install guide' [errant diagram] in Flee Immediately 01: Manual.

2009 'Generation after generation: a nonhuman seminar on the legacy of Wells' [sound piece] in Fuselit 14: Mars.

2008 'Foxleigh battles Death in all Its forms - parts 1 to 3' [two illustrations and computer game] in Fuselit 12: Fox.